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Jeff Gosche is a pastry designer whose affinity for the kitchen started
at a very young age. The grandchild of a small bakery owner in the
Midwest, Jeff spent a lot of time in the kitchen watching his mom
make all sorts of baked goods for holidays, birthdays and everyday.
When the time came, he enthusiastically took on those responsibilities

Fast forward to the late 90s -- having moved to the Bay Area, Jeff
found himself laid off from a job in technology so he decided to start marketing his products to friends. Word of mouth expanded his customer base and a serendipitous introduction to the owners of Miette Patisserie in Oakland accelerated his momentum.

Today, Jeff's passion for baking combined with his wildly creative imagination produces cakes and cookies that are truly awe-inspiring. Jeff has continued to work with Miette for the past 15 years, designing and decorating their seasonal sugar cookies and instructing a monthly cookie decorating workshop.

Jeff is also the pastry chef at the Village Inn and

Restaurant in Monte Rio, California where his

pastry design business, Fabino, is located. This

Sonoma Country location allows him to bring

his design expertise to bear on projects for

many wineries including JCB, Korbel, Paul

Mathew and Woodenhead, along with other

local businesses. Beyond that, Jeff is a regular

collaborator on special event projects with the 

Gordon Getty Family Foundation and Saint Francis

Foundations in San Francisco.

Jeff Gosche, owner of Fabino
Enchanged log cake
Illustration of Village Inn & Restaurant where Fabino owner is pastry chef
Snuggly Soiree 2016

Snuggly Soiree 2016

Snuggly Soiree 2017

Snuggly Soiree 2017

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